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Your guide to SaucyBitch chillies

Here at SaucyBitch we use a number of different chillies to make our UK Hot Sauce. Every chilli we use comes from the finest source to ensure we are creating the richest flavour, the best taste and the most natural, health beneficial British hot sauce in the UK hot sauce market today. 

So, without giving away all our secrets, here’s a guide to some of the chillies we use to make the best British hot sauce on sale. 


The good old jalapeño from Mexico is one of our favourite ingredients. This little green nugget is quite mild on the hot scale but gets hotter in taste as it matures and turns redder. Jalapeños contain vitamins A and C so are also a great health benefit to our UK Hot Sauce and to your diet.


The word chipotle means smoked chilli and, just as the name suggests, these little beauties are smoke-dried jalapeños. We love their smokey flavours (they rank medium to hot on the spicy scale) and they are a vital ingredient in one of our favourite SaucyBitch Hot Sauce recipes - Smokin’ Hot!


Serrano peppers look very similar to jalapeños but don’t be fooled - Serranos are much hotter than their milder lookalikes. Another chilli with its origins in Mexico, the Serrano is a key ingredient in your favourite UK Hot Sauce but they are also great snacks and can be eaten raw.

Birds Eye 

Now we’re talking. Don’t be deceived by these tiny little chillies - they pack a mega punch and are fiery and hot. The Birds Eye has its origins in South America, is mostly red in colour and provides a good amount of health benefits meaning they’re a great addition to SaucyBitch hot sauce.  These are pretty rare in the UK hot sauce market.   They actually help to control toothache, stomach pain and arthritic pain and, in India, are used as an antibiotic to prevent infections. 


Another favourite of the British Hot Sauce fan is the habanero - a vital part of our UK Hot Sauce recipes. Named after Havana (La Habana), the capital of Chilli, the Habanero is a very hot chilli and comes in a variety of colours - although real chilli aficionados consider the orange one to be the only true habanero. SaucyBitch love the Habanero and very limited research even suggests it may be helpful in controlling insulin levels in diabetics. 

That’s about all we’re going to give away. Now put your knowledge to the test and buy yourself some SaucyBitch Hot Sauce to put your knowledge to the test - see if you can spot which chillies are used in the best British Hot Sauce out there.  SaucyBitch!

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