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Fermented hot sauces

As fans of hot sauce we find it very hard to find UK hot sauce that is fermented. A lot of UK hot sauce uses powdered spices and thickening agents which give heat, but a very artificial heat. A lot of UK hot sauce that you find in supermarkets use the powdered spice method.

We believe that the fermentation process gives hot sauce a much richer heat and flavour that lingers in the mouth. Along with a richer taste, there are the obvious health benefits of fermented foods.

Fermented foods are full of probiotic bacteria that are beneficial to our bodies. One of the most common bacteria in hot sauce is latbacillus. Lactobacillus help break down food and absorb nutrients in our bodies which aids digestion.

We set out to create a UK hot sauce that used the fermentation method and would bring the extra flavour and health benefits to the UK hot sauce customer.

The fermentation process used in making our UK hot sauces takes up to four weeks and uses lots and lots of fresh ingredients - which has an impact on the price that we have to sell for. We hope that by using the fermentation process in our British hot sauce we can highlight the benefits of fermented hot sauce to the UK hot sauce market.

Hopefully we can do our bit to grow the fermented UK hot sauce category and bring you, the customer, the flavours and rich heat you deserve.

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