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Saucybitch is the perfect guest to any summer BBQ

Saucybitch brings the heat this summer, the perfect UK hot sauce for any BBQ dishes. Check out our recommendations below on how to add your favourite UK hot sauce to your BBQ recipes this summer. 
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HOT STUFF - Hot Stuff is a classic take on the hot sauce made with a mixture of fermented red jalapenos, habaneros, birds eye, garlic and spices.  It is vegan.  It gives a medium spicy heat and is great to add to home cooking or a dip for pizza, chips and eggs.
BBQ SUGGESTION – Add a kick to burgers and hot dogs. Great for coating shrimps.
GOLDEN NUGGET -  Golden Nugget is a fabulous tasting sauce that is a fresh take on honey and mustard.  It uses Maple Syrup instead of honey to keep it vegan.  We also use  Dijon mustard to give it a luxury gourmet taste and we add roasted jalapeno to give it a mild after kick of heat.  This sauce is perfect for chicken, eggs and salads along with dipping pizza in.  It is a great sauce for sandwiches.
BBQ SUGGESTION – Perfect for marinating chicken or using in salads.
SMOKIN' HOT - Smokin Hot is a modern take on one of the UK's favourite sauce flavours – chipotle.  This vegan sauce's ingredients include chipotle, molasses and liquid smoke imported from Tennessee barbecues to give it an authentic smoky taste.  Perfect for dips and adding to mayonnaise along with using on meat for non-vegan customers.
BBQ SUGGESTION - Perfect for Burgers and beef. Great for mixing with mayonnaise to make your own smoky chipotle mayo.
POMEGRANATE HOT SAUCE – This is our first limited edition sauce.  This is a vegan sauce which is made with a variety of fermented chillies including habanero, scotch bonnet, ancho and serrano.
Pomegranate molasses is incorporated along with garlic to create a great tasting Middle Eastern influenced sauce that has proved very popular with customers at our Spitalfields Market stall and our online store. Pomegranates are a source of powerful antioxidants which along with the fermented chillies make it a popular choice for the health conscious vegan customer.
BBQ SUGGESTION – Perfect for vegetable kebabs and cous cous or pasta salads.
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