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About us

We are SaucyBitch. And this is how we came to be.

We were obsessed with sauces and were often in LA and NY due to our careers and would always be drawn to the quirky artisan sauce brand on sale out there. We'd load our cases with them and bring them back to London with us. Each time we visited the US it seemed like more and more brands had appeared on the market, with the branding and taste variations getting cooler and more abstract all the time. There was a real punk rock mentality to it in that people would have a great idea and just make it, produce it and sell it online. 

Back home the sauces we brought back with us would always run out very quickly, so we started to make and develop our own, experimenting with flavours and the fermentation process. We quickly discovered that we preferred the finer tastes and started developing recipes that used premium and luxury ingredients. Our friends were huge fans and would always be asking for more. Then we realised that we were exporting out home made sauces to our friends in LA, NY, Melbourne and Sydney. Our friends were passing them onto their friends and we even had New York restaurants asking if they could stock us. So we decided to give it a go and develop and manufacture London's very own hot sauce. 

In the past we had worked in marketing teams for brands such as Alexander McQueen, Sony Playstation, iD magazine and (for all our sins) had launched Red Bull and Miley Cyrus into the UK market. We knew we wanted our sauces to have an edge that competed with the best that LA and NY had to offer and could give them a run for their money. We also wanted to give our sauces a personal, London-born feel and hence Saucy Bitch was born using our own dog, The Captain, as our mascot. We hope you like our sauces and our brand as much as we do. 

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