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La Grande Epicerie de Paris

In April of this year, the head of Marketing for La Grande Epicure de Paris contacted us via our website to see if we would be interested in being stocking Saucybitch Hot Sauce there.  La Grande Epicure de Paris is owned by the luxury goods group LVMH, who are behind Louis Vuitton, Dior, Moet etc   It is widely regarded as the most prestigious deli in the world.  They were asking for SaucyBitch to be the first Hot Sauce that they stocked and the only Hot Sauce that they would be stocking.  We felt incredibly honoured so worked flat out to make this work.  A lot of the work centred on making our Hot Sauce compatible with French trading standards and legally we had to provide certain information in French on the label.  The whole process took about three months.  SaucyBitch Hot Sauce is part of 'So Punk - Rive Gauche' an exhibition an festival celebrating the art and spirit behind Punk Rock and London cool.  If you are in Paris go and see it and take a picture of SaucyBitch Hot Sauce and tag us on our instagram.  
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