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This week we launched our first Limited Edition sauce.

As huge fans of Hot Sauce we are always trying different sauces wherever we go.  Most UK Hot Sauces are very traditional and stick to varying levels of heat by using different types of chilli peppers.  However, we wanted to be more adventurous with our range of British Hot Sauces and experiment with different flavours.

By having a Limited Edition in our range of British Hot Sauces we are able to test ingredients and flavours that might not be popular with all UK Hot Sauce customers but might hit the spot with others.

uk hot sauce, hot sauce, saucybitch

We had been playing around with various flavours and were eating at a Middle Eastern restaurant that had a dish made with pomegranate which gave us the idea to try mixing this flavour with our fermented chillies.

Firstly we had to find a way of incorporating the flavour and at which stage of the production process.  Then we had to experiment with different amounts of pomegranate to get the flavour as close to perfect as we could.

We think we achieved this in our Pomegranate Hot Sauce which is a Limited Edition flavour in our range of British Hot Sauces.  Pomegranates are a rich source of anti-oxidants which make them a perfect choice for the health conscious customer.

We then had to create a label that would complement both the colour of the sauce and the other labels in our UK Hot Sauce range so decided on green.  We hope that by changing the colour of the label and making them slightly collectible some of our customers will appreciate this and aim to own the full collection of our British Hot Sauces.

Feedback has been great from people who have bought it so far and if demand continues we will look at making this Pomegranate Hot Sauce a permanent member of our family of British Hot Sauces.

We are now working on other special editions and will let you know when we are ready to launch another one.

uk hot sauce, hot sauce, saucybitch

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