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We had a great time at our first day of trading at the world famous Spitalfields Market yesterday. It was great to see people interacting with the brand that we had been working on for so long.

It’s very daunting putting something out there and hoping people will like it. No matter how much confidence you have in something there are still butterflies in the stomach at the thought of potential customers reactions. But we couldn’t have been happier with the reaction.

We sold out of everything and people had a really positive reaction with the branding. They loved the name and the labels.  We didn’t know if the British customer was ready for a premium British Hot Sauce but from yesterday’s reaction they really are.

The customer has moved on from supermarket brands of UK Hot Sauce and are looking for the artisan British Hot Sauce. One customer had come especially to see us and buy some as he had been following us on social media so a massive shout out and thanks to him and hope you enjoy them.

Another customer bought some to send to her friends in America to prove that London Hot Sauce does exist and can compete with the New York Hot Sauces. Although we picked the coldest Sunday of the year and the last Sunday in January before payday we are blown away by all the love and support for our very own British Hot Sauce.

Watch this space for our next market appearance.


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