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SaucyBitch 4 bottle BBQ pack

Regular price £19.95

SaucyBitch Sauces Bring The Heat 🌞🌶🌞🌶🌞

SaucyBitch sauces are the perfect guest at any BBQ. As the BBQ season has officially started, why not spice up your BBQ with the coolest sauces around.  

The BBQ pack is offered at a special price of £19.95 for four sauces for a limited time. The four sauces included in the BBQ pack are:

HOT STUFF - BBQ SUGGESTION – Add a kick to burgers and hot dogs. Great for coating shrimps.

MELLOW YELLOW -  BBQ SUGGESTION – Perfect for marinating chicken or using in salads.

SMOKIN' HOT - BBQ SUGGESTION - Perfect for Burgers and beef. Great for mixing with mayonnaise to make your own smoky chipotle mayo.

SWEET HEAT– BBQ SUGGESTION – Perfect for vegetable kebabs and cous cous or pasta salads.


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