For a limited time only, our Variety Pack is available for a special reduced price of £14.95

Saucybitch BBQ pack

Regular price £20.00

Saucybitch brings the heat this summer. The perfect guest to any summer BBQ. Four sauces perfect for the BBQ season at a special price for a limited time only. 

HOT STUFF - BBQ SUGGESTION – Add a kick to burgers and hot dogs. Great for coating shrimps.
GOLDEN NUGGET - BBQ SUGGESTION – Perfect for marinating chicken or using in salads.
SMOKIN' HOT - BBQ SUGGESTION - Perfect for Burgers and beef. Great for mixing with mayonnaise to make your own smoky chipotle mayo.
POMEGRANATE HOT SAUCE – BBQ SUGGESTION – Perfect for vegetable kebabs and cous cous or pasta salads.
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