Walthamstow is a borough of East London that is renowned for it’s sense of community. To keep our sauces as local as possible we established The Walthamstow Chilli Growers Collective.  This is a community of locals from Walthamstow who grow their own chillies that they share with us. We ferment and use these Walthamstow chillies as ingredients in our Hot Sauce. This keeps our sauces as locally sourced as possible. The generosity of the chilli growers is another example of why Walthamstow is often called Awesomestow. If you live in Walthamstow, grow your own chillies and are interested in joining The Walthamstow Chilli Growers Collective send us an email at​​​​​​​

Betty is a Walthamstow chilli grower. She has a few plants and uses them in her home cooking.  She has been known to make her own chilli jam. She’s part of our community of local chilli growers who are all part of a Saucybitch collective growing and harvesting chillies in Walthamstow that we use in our hot sauces to keep them local, sustainable and minimise our carbon emissions. If you are Walthamstow based and grow your own chillies join our Chilli Collective and get in touch at

This is Charlotte from Walthamstow. She’s been growing chillis ever since her brother bought her a plant for Christmas one year. Charlotte is one of our Walthamstow Chilli Collective. A community of local chilli growers based in Walthamstow who donate their chillies to us so we can use them in our sauces and keep it local. If you live in Walthamstow, grow chillies and want to be part of our Walthamstow Chilli Collective get in touch via our website​​​​​​​